• UIL Academics at Memorial
     6th grade award   7th grade award   8th grade award
    UIL Academics offers students the chance to participate in both testing and speaking events.
    Do you like being the center of attention?
    Try Speaking Events:
     * Poetry Interpretation (reading a poem aloud with expression)
    * Prose Interpretation (reading a short story aloud with expression)
    * Duet Acting (acting a 6-10-minute skit with a partner)
    * Solo Acting (acting alone in a 4-8-minute skit)
    * Spanish Poetry (reading a Spanish poem aloud with expression)
    * Impromptu Speaking (talking about a selected topic)
    * Modern Oratory (writing and presenting an argument for or against something)
     Do you enjoy subjects like math, science, history, writing?

     Try testing Events:
     * Social Studies      * Science      * Number Sense      * Math    * Spelling
    * Calculator Applications (Use a calculator to solve problems) 
    * Listening Skills (Listen/take notes and answer questions)
    * Dictionary Skills (Look up definitions with speed and accuracy)
    * Maps, Charts, and Graphs (Find information quickly from graphics)