• Clubs & Organizations 
    - Athletics                     Mr. Patrick Sanchez
    - A.V.I.D.Mrs. S. Conway
    - BandMr. R. Gomez / Mr. L. Sanchez
    - ChoirMrs. V. Hinojosa / Mrs. S. Thormahlen
    - Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Mrs. N. Lougheed
    - National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)Ms. R. Rios / Mrs. G. Vittitoe
    - OrchestraMr. L. Darger / Ms. K. Vela
    - PentathalonMr. M. Oelerich / Mrs. L. Lunsford
    - Student CouncilMs. C. Rodriguez / Mrs. M. Sanchez
    - U.I.L
    - Yearbook
    Mr. M. Oelerich / Mrs. L. Lunsford
    Ms. Y. Garcia / Mrs. G. Vittitoe
    Important Notice(s):
     Lost and Found:  Our lost and found is located at the front office.  All unclaimed items are donated to local charities at the end of the school year.