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    Name of Resource
    Description / Procedure  
    1. Complete the form and submit to Assistant Principal for approval 
    2. After fundraiser, complete the financial recap section and submit to the bookkeeper. 
    1. Complete this form for all check requests.
    2. This form requires both the club sponsor and the club treasurer's signature.  
      Pre-Authorization Form Activity Funds
    1.  Please use this form to document any pre-authorized purchases with a Sponsor's personal monies to be reimbursed at a later time.  
    2. The sponsor reimbursement request should be submitted to the Principal within one week
    1. Form must be completed prior to submitting a deposit for a club.
    2. A receipt or tabulation of monies form from the club must be attached.  Student Activity & Deposit Form 
     Student Cash Receipt Form 
    1.  Students are required to sign this form upon receiving cash funds. 
      Donations Form
    1.  A donation form should be filled out and submitted to bookkeeper's office. 
    District Resources 
    Club Sponsor Procedures Manual
    Revised '15
    Harlingen High School Bookkeeper Notes
    Please adhere to the following rules regarding deposits
    and pay orders for clubs or organizations.
    1. Deposits will be received from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday –Friday. 
    2. Deposit form must be completed, including the listing of all checks being  deposited before going to bookkeeper.  All checks should have the club’s name written on it.  A receipt must  be issued from the sponsor or club treasurer to each student for money collected.  Your deposits must balance with your yellow receipts/tabulation monies form that you turn in to the bookkeeper.
    3. All checks must be deposited before 30 days from the date on the check.  Checks will require the following information on the memo (lower left corner). 
        • Student Name
        • Name of Club
        • Purpose of Check
    4. Be prepared to wait while money is being counted and receipted.  Under no circumstances are you to try to leave money with bookkeeper without being counted and verified.  
    5. Do not wait to turn in money.  Deposits should be made on a daily basis so that you and not keeping large amounts of money on hand.  All monies should be turned in to bookkeeper at the end of the day for safekeeping.  Picked up the next morning to complete deposit. 
    6. During holidays, you will need to deposit by the following deadlines: 
        • Thanksgiving:    10:00am - last day of work 
        • Christmas:         10:00 am - last day of work
        • Spring Break:     10:00 am - last day of work
        • End of School:   10:00 am - last day of work
    7. Check Requests - Pay orders must be signed by student treasurer with a receipt or invoice attached to it.  Cash register tapes are accepted if you have a signed purchase form attached.  There is a two-day period for all checks, Tuesdays and Thursdays - No exceptions. 
    8. Fundraisers - Notify Assistant Principal of Student Activities before having a fundraiser.  A fundraising application and financial recap is required.  The bookkeeper will need to know what you are selling.  If it is anything other than food, we must pay sales tax on amount sold.  Your club is also entitled to a two day exemption policy.  
    9. Receipt Books - A receipt book will be issued to you and you will be responsible for the book.