Early College High School

2510 Pecan Building R  Harlingen, TX  78550 | Phone 956-430-9690 | Fax 956-430-9693



1. Maintain a relevant and rigorous curriculum for all students in all subjects everyday.

2. Increase the number of students reaching level 2 and level 3 on EOC by 25% in all areas.

3. 100% of students on track to graduate with either the academic core, an Associate’s degree, or a certification completed by the end of their senior year.

4. 100% of students meeting or exceeding the required hours of community service.

5. Sustain a campus atmosphere that promotes and supports a caring, understanding, and supporting “family” setting for everyone who walks through our doors

6. Increase the number of students taking the AP exam and earning a 3 or higher.

7. Increase Parent and Community Involvement.