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    School Days
    7:30 A.M. - - 3:30 P.M.

    Library Cards
           An Austin Elementary Library Card is used for checking out books.  Each library card has a barcode that allows students and staff to check out books using the Destiny automated checkout system.  These cards are kept in the library.
    Checking Out Books
    Library books may be checked out for one week at a time.  Library books may also be rechecked for one week at a time.  Students are also allowed several AR check in/check out times during the week according to the Library Schedule.
    Date Due Cards

    Each book has in its pocket a colored date due card with the individual teacher's name and room number printed at the top.  The cards are color coded according to the day of the week.  The color of the card indicates the day the student comes to the library with his/her class.  The students write their due date on their individual cards each time they check out a library book.  This helps to identify when the library book is due to return to the library. 
    Day Class Comes to Library
    Color of Card
    Lost and Damaged Books
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    Lost Library Book
    Each student is responsible for the book(s) checked out from the library.  If a book is lost, the student is responsible for paying for the lost book and losses the privilege of checking out another book until debt is paid.

    If the book is found and returned, refund will be given to the student.  Once the book is found or paid for, the student may resume his/her check out privileges.

    Damaged Book
    If a student damages a book, the librarian will assess the cost of the damage to the book.  The student may resume checking out additional books once the damage fine is paid.