SAC provides individual and group counseling for academic as well as social needs.  Social skills are taught in the classroom. Counseling classes focus on the following:

    • Anger Management
    • Personal Growth
    • Stress Reduction
    • Decision Making
    • Self-Esteem
    • Gangs
    • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
    • Violence Prevention
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Goal Setting


    Counseling aims to modify behaviors by teaching positive alternatives to practices that have traditionally yielded negative results.

    SAC utilizes an extensive referral system to meet individual needs. We also work with Buckner Family and Youth Services for Violence and Family Conflict, The Texas Department of Human Services, Texas Department of Health, Tropical Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Seaborne Challenge Program, and Gary Job Corps. When in session, students are also referred to Cameron Works Summer Programs.

    It is the counseling department's mission to support the academic and drill instruction teams by providing immediate assistance and crisis intervention.  By doing so, we are also serving the needs of students and their families.


     Ms. Ramirez


    Glenda L. Ramirez






    1. Coordinates Academic program.
    2. Provides group and individual counseling.
    3. Provides academic and disciplinary support to classrooms. 
    4. Facilitator for anger management course.



    Luis V. Rodriguez

    Social Worker




    1. Makes home visits.
    2. Counsels with students.
    3. Coordinates student collegiate intern programs
    4. Works with social service agencies.



     Mrs. Treto
     Yvette Ramirez 

    Educational Liaison


    1. Assists in efforts to resolve habitual truancy cases and enforce compulsory attendance laws of the state.
    2. Assists in identifying and solving discipline and attendance problems relating to identified students.
    3. Communicates with public and private agencies.
    4. Promotes positive community relations.
    5. Serves as a liaison between the alternative center and the campus.
    6. Assists with educational programs and services at JJAEP and Residential Facilities - Southwest Keys and Tamayo House