Ann Favila
    Health Science Technology
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    Email: ann.favila@hcisd.org
    Phone: 956-427-3800
    Conference: B-Days 12:451:30 PM
    Tutoring Hours:
       Monday & Wednesdays 7:45 - 8:05 AM
       Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:05-4:50 PM
    Principles of Health Science (PRINHLSC)
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Grade Level:   9-12
    Credits:  ½
    Semesters:   1
    Principles of Health Science is for high school students with an interest in the medical professions.  Students will assess career options and the preparation necessary for employment in the health science industry.  Personal professional characteristics, academic preparation and skills necessary for employment will be identified.  Leadership development, ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities will be explored.
    Health Science (DUAL and NON DUAL)   (HLTHSCI)
    Pre-Requisite: Principles of Health Science 
    Grade Level:   10-12
    Credits:  1
    Semesters:  2
    Health Science is for high school students with an interest in the medical professions.  This one credit elective course is organized to provide basic skills, foundation medical science theory and knowledge of the medical careers and environment to stimulate students’ interest in a medical profession as a career choice.

    Medical Terminology  (DUAL and NON DUAL)  (MED TERM)
    Pre-Requisite:  None
    Grade Level:   10-12
    Credits:  ½ 
    Semesters:   1 
    This course is designed to develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine.  Students acquire word building skills by learning prefixes, suffixes, roots, abbreviations, and symbols.  Communication skills using the terminology applicable to the health science industry will be practiced.  Knowledge of medical terminology enhances the student’s ability to successfully secure employment or pursue advanced education in health care.  The Dual class is two semesters and 1 credit, whereas the Non-Dual class is one semester and 1/2 credit.