• Students: Use these guides to assist in creating a quality, research project.
    Teachers: Use these guides to direct your students to quality resources for the research topic you have assigned.
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    These research topic guide sheets have been prepared for you by the Library Media Specialists and teachers of Harlingen CISD. Explore the research topics available. If you would like to add your own guide sheet, please contact your Library Media Specialist and they will be happy to work with you.


    Boating - Students will create a presentation to explain the safety and ownership requirements for various pleasure boating vessels. Grades 10-12

    Careers- Students will explore careers listing advantages and disadvantages of career choices.  Grade 12



    15th Century Artists- Students will be given an opportunity to discover artists and present "jewels" of information from their research. Grades 9-12
    Artists' Inspiration - Students will select an artist to identify his inspiration, motivation and biographical data to provide a summary of his influences. Grades 10-12         
    Frida Kahlo - Students will research the life and contributions of Mexican artist/poet Frida Kahlo.  Grade 7




    Banned Books - Banned Book Week highlights the importance of the first amendment, personal choice, curriculum requirements, teachable, and parenting moments as well as the use of e-books. Grades 10-12

    Violation of Human Rights -Students will conduct research on human rights violations to answer the question : what can be done to prevent the persecution of innocent people?  Grade 11
    Pride and Prejudice- Informing the community of the importance of recycling and how chemistry is involved in the recycling process.  Grade 11.







    Adaptation of Species - Various adaptations in species allow animals to be successful in a specific habitat.  Grade 7

    Dung Beetles - Explore dung beetles. Elementary Grades

    Energy- Studying different forms of energy will help students develop an understanding that everything we do is connected to energy is some form or another.   Grade 3

    Energy - You and your group will research one of the forms of energy.  You will create an ebook using the Scribble Press app on the iPads.   Grade 4

    Energy Resources - There are advantages and disadvantagesto the use of different energy resources. The wasteful or unnecessary use ofnatural resources can limit their availability for other purposes.  Grade 6

    Gorillas- Explore gorillas.  Elementary Grades

    Gravity and Magnetism - Exploring theobservable effects of gravity and magnetism will help students develop an understanding of the reason for the direction of an object’s motion.  Grade 3

    Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors- By examining various behaviors, students will develop an understanding of organisms’ responses to their environment.  Grade 3

    Recycling- Informing the community of the importance of recycling and how chemistry is involved in the recycling process.  High School




    Christmas Around the WorldStudents will research Christmas customs and traditions of several countries and compare them to those of the United States.   Grades Kinder - 1st Grade
    Cinco de Mayo - Students will research how “Cinco de Mayo” is celebrated in the Americas.  Grades 3-5
    Comparing states within the United StatesStudents will learn about tabs on an electronic  device, how to toggle between sites to complete a research outline, and gain basic knowledge about different states.  Students will compile information for comparison. Grades 3-5

    Day of the Dead - Students will understand the purpose and the traditions behind the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It is a tradition to honor and celebrate our dead across all cultures.  Grades 10-12

    Dia De Los MuertosDia De Los Muertos - Students will research the Mexican traditional celebration of Dia De Los Muertos and its significance. Grades 6-8

    Hispanic Heritage Month - recognizing Hispanic and Latino contributions to the United States and celebrating their heritage and culture.  Grade 4

    Juliette Gordon Low - Students will explore and discuss historical figures who contributed to our country.   Grade 3

    Mary Wollstonecraft - As a result of this project, students should be able to understand segments of British history, the relevance of women’s rights on both history and literature, and their own view of feminism.  Grade 12
    New Year's Celebrations Students will research how the New Year is celebrated around the world. Grades 4-5
    Plan Your Dream Vacation - Students will research the internet using selected websites databases to plan a dream vacation.  Grade 8

    Scotland- Students are to research the culture of Scotland and will be able to present information to the rest of the school during culture day.  Grade 3