Our 2nd Graders travel the school every Friday collecting each classroom's recycling.  We have recycling bins located in our 2nd Grade hallway for drop off during the week.  Currently we are recycling Plastics #1, Plastics #2, Plastic Bags, Cardboard, Styrofoam, Paper, Newspaper and Magazines.  We encourage our Bonham community to support our Lil Green Healers by helping to make Bonham cleaner and greener!

    2014-2015 Club Officers

    PRESIDENT - Kylie Bello
    VICE PRESIDENT - Deacon Jones
    SECRETARY - Mia Bravo
    TREASURER - Claudia Arias
    HISTORIAN - Freddy Quintero

    Here are some pictures of our Lil Healers in action!
    Our first field trip has been scheduled!  We visited the Harlingen Recycling Center on October 15, 2014.  The students were able to see first hand what happens to the items collected for recycling.  They also heard from Harlingen Proud about the city's beautification projects.  Everyone left with new knowledge and a recycling goodie bag!  A big thank you to our 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Penuelas, and Mrs. Cruz for all their help!

    The Lil Green Healers visited every classroom the week of January 26th  for recycling presentations.  They went over the materials collected at Bonham to be recycled and showed examples.  Students in all the classrooms were given a recycling sheet to take home as well.

     Thank you to everyone who helped sell or bought Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!  
    Our Lil Green Healer Officers presented at Bonham's April Staff Faculty Meeting to remind teachers what could be recycled and how to sort.  The club also purchased sorting recycling bins for the Teacher's Lounge and small blue recycling containers for classrooms that did not have one.