• The Dishman Dynamo Choir is an ensemble that provides students with the opportunity to share their love of music through singing! Students must work together to perform music that is both fun and challenging. We are in the beginning stages of creating a great group that will represent the Dishman family through performance and community outreach. 

    Choir Happiness
  • Choir Rules
       1. Rehearsals will be held every Tuesday after school hours from  3:30p.m.-4:00 p.m. Students must be on time and only three unexcused absences will be allowed. Choir is built on teamwork and everyone needs to attend all rehearsals.Anyone more than ten minutes late will be tardy and three tardies will equal one unexcused absence 
       2. Students must behave appropriately during rehearsals. All choir members must work as a team and disruptive behavior will NOT be allowed.
       3. Since students will be participating in Christmas Caroling in the Winter and All City in the Spring, please plan to purchase a Dishman Dynamos Choir shirt. Designs and pricing will be sent out soon.