• Teacher Retirement System (TRS) Comparability 2013-2014

    Harlingen C.I.S.D. has certified to Teacher Retirement System of Texas that the District offers employee health coverage comparable to Health Select and is in compliance with all other requirements of Section 22.004 of the Texas Education Code for the 2013-2014 period. 

    Documentation and Reporting requirements:
    1. The District Contracts for Group Health Coverage with Valley Health Plans effective 11/1/2013.

    2. The schedule of benefits:   PPO Low PPO High 

    3. Health Insurance Premium Rate Sheet for 2013-2014.

    4. The number of employees enrolled in the health plan  as of March 2014 is: 2,676

    5. Harlingen C.I.S.D. did not have any difficulty completing TRS comparability Report #2.

    6. Compliance statement: Based on the District’s comparability review, the health plans offered by Harlingen C.I.S.D. are comparable to Health Select.   Harlingen C.I.S.D. has complied with the all requirements of Section 22.004 of the Education Code.