•  Austin Elementary is a school community who loves to embrace our families and our community. Some of our traditions include the following:

    1. We support higher education by giving former Austin Knights an opportunity to receive a one of two scholarships that we offer. One scholarship is raised by events that we participate in during our Multi-Cultural Fair each year. This scholarship was former funded by our Cinco de Mayo Festival. The other scholarship, our Memorial Scholarship, was created to honor former educators at Austin who have left their mark on our Austin Family before leaving this earth.

    2. We encourage teamwork through our PTA (Parent Teacher Association). PTA has been a long tradition at Austin Elementary. In fact, current school board member Gerry Fleuriet was once a PTA president at Austin Elementary. We have contests between the classrooms to see who can recruit the most members. The top two classrooms receive a reward.
    We started a new tradition of hosting "Family Movie Night" at Austin Elementary last year. This event allows our families the opportunity to come together to watch a family movie, enjoy great company, and a snack. PTA has supported Pre-K, Kinder and 5th grade promotions with decorations and snacks. We purchased an aquarium for the ILC and speakers for the music room.
    3. We encourage recycling.  Throughout the years, Austin Elementary has participated in the recycling of paper. Our Color Cats and Student Council have both helped in the collecting and recycling of paper. They have also helped us to take care of our butterfly garden and keep our grounds looking good.
    4. We support the community. We collect pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House to help those in the community who need a place to stay when their children are in the hospital. We also collect Boxtops for Education to help purchase items that support the learning of all students at Austin. We do can food drives in order to support Loaves and Fishes. We also give baskets to needy Austin families during the holidays. We also host basketball practice for many Boys and Girls club teams in our gym. We host girl scouts meetings after school in our cafeteria.
    5. We encourage students to attend college. We wear college shirts the first Thursday of every month in order to remind students that we support higher education. We also participate in Career Day each year, to expose our students to a variety of career opportunities they have available to them.