•  Mission
          It is the mission of Dishman Elementary to promote a highly rigorous academic environment by establishing and maintaining a learning environment that promotes success and ensures life long learners. Through research based practices, we will expose our students to a variety of instructional practices in order to reach excellence and focus on, “Educating Future Leaders.” 


       Dishman Elementary is an academically successful community where learning and goal setting are challenging and motivating. We will produce college and career ready learners whereby attending and completing higher education is expected for all. 
                     Motto"Educating Future Leaders"
                                                 Mascot : Dynamo                                                  
     Colors: Cardinal Red and White 
                           Symbol: Oak Tree  
                           Flower: Red Rose
    Dishman Fight Song
    The James H. Dishman is our school
    The home of education
    We’re teaching boys and girls to be
    The backbone of our nation
    James H. Dishman rah, rah, rah
    Hurrah for James H. Dishman
    James H. Dishman rah, rah, rah
    The best one in the nation