• Sam Houston                         SamtheMan
     Sam Houston Elementary was named after someone that fought for Texas, someone that persevered and stood above their peers in excellence, and made a significant impact on the great State of Texas, and in the process provided a place for our children to grow and become educated citizens that would positively impact their world.  Sam Houston was a true leader, unafraid to stand for what was right, regardless of public opinion, special interests, or political correctness.  Old General Sam almost stood alone against the tides of Secession, when the whole State got caught up in war fever. Texans always respected him whether they agreed with him or not, because he was a man of conviction.  After all, Santa Anna surrendered to this great man.
    Please refer to the following link for more information on this great individual!   http://russellcushman.blogspot.com/p/cushmans-top-ten-in-texas.html  for some very interesting stories.