• Campus Traditions

    Our Colors - Blue and Gold  
    Lamar Eagles - Our Mascot
    Bronze eagle
    odyssey of mind Lamar Eagle
       Lamar's mascot was decided by a contest many years ago.  A little boy won with his suggestion of an eagle.  The Lamar Eagle was born!  There was an eagle painted on the cafeteria wall during Mr. Morales time as principal.  Mrs. Rosales added an eagle for the gym wall.  We have eagles in our display cases.  There is also an eagle banner in the hallway by the second grade wing from an Odyssey of the Mind Competition.

    Some Lamar traditions include:

    Red Ribbon Parade

    Veteran's Day

    Perfect Attendance Assemblies
    Field Day

    Did you know.......?

    Lamar students used to walk to Victor Park for swimming lessons.
    There is a wall by the 3rd grade wing with college banners attended by Lamar students.
    There was a time capsule buried in 1988 and opened in 1993.
    A new time capsule was buried by the marque sign in 2014.
    Lamar was one of the first elementary schools to have a marque sign.
    Some assemblies used to be outside in the front of the school by the flag pole.
    4th grade classes used to take a history field trip to San Antonio and 6th grade classes went to Houston to visit NASA.
    There used to be an end of the year teacher vs. students kickball game.
    Lamar was one of the first schools to have Kinder and 6th graduation.
    Lamar used to have a portable stage.
    In the beginning Lamar students getting hot lunch were bussed to Jefferson and then Austin Elementary for lunch.  Lamar didn't have a cafeteria!
    Mr. Gutierrez, principal before Mr. Morales, was principal of Lamar and Jefferson.  At that time, all principals had two schools each.
    Lamar had Student Council and Cheerleaders during the 1970's - 90's.