• Lt. George Gutierrez, Jr. Middle School
     Gutierrez Middle School, which is located on Wilson Road, presently has an
    enrollment of 760 students.  Each day students are served by 101 total staff
     members including 60 faculty members, 2 counselors and 3 administrators.
    Principal Mike Reyes and assistant principals Esmeralda Felix and Daniel Sanchez  
    each share in the duties of helping the campus to operate smoothly on a daily basis.
     Campus Highlights

    •  Gutierrez Middle School is a safe learning educational environment with caring, compassionate teachers and staff.
    •   Gutierrez Middle School continues to demonstrate "Academic Excellence" by being recognized by the Texas Educational Agency as one of the best school in the state.  
    • Gutierrez middle school incorporates technological advancements by providing a "Safe Zone" where students are encouraged to bring digital devices for classroom participation, as well as utilizing digital classrooms across different grade levels.  
    • Gutierrez Middle School believes that the success of every school starts with a strong partnership with parents and the community involvement. 
    • Gutierrez Middles School music department has been recognized as one of the best in the area.  
    • Gutierrez Middle School has a strong tradition in athletics in which they have captured many district titles in both boys and girls athletics.