• Recognized Campus


    Vela received TEA recognitions in 3 areas: “Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA; Academic Achievement in Mathematics; and Academic Achievement in Top 25% Student Progress”

    TEA State Recognized Campus; Readers' Choice "Best Middle School"


    Gold Star Perfomance in 7th TAKS Writing; TEA State Recognized Campus


    Gold Star Perfomance in Student Attendance; Readers' Choice "Best Middle School"


    Gold Performance in TAKS Reading, Math, Writing & Social Studies;
    UIL Math Counts Team Advances to State

    District Champs:

    2009-11 8th Football, 2008-09 7th Football, 2009-11 Boys' Soccer, 2006-10 Girls' Soccer, 2008-09 Girls' 7th Basketball, 2009-10 8th Boys' Basketball, 2006-11 7th/8th Tennis, 2006-10 Track, 2006-07 Swimming, 2010-11 Varsity & JV Orchestra Sweepstakes, 2011-12 Best M.S. Drumline