• Vernon Middle School got its start as Harlingen High School, which was built in 1929. In 1958 the school became a Middle School which was later named after Julia Vernon in 1959, a well loved English teacher and Librarian.
    Throughout the years Vernon Middle School has endured many changes. It was once a ninth grade campus until the ninth graders joined the High School. After that it became an eighth grade campus and eventually a seventh and eighth grade campus in the early 90's. In 1997 sixth graders joined the seventh and eighth graders to enter its current state.
    The school's architecture resembles the White House East Wing which was designed by architect Roscoe Dewitt, who designed both. This compelled those who saw the beauty of the campus to give Vernon the nickname "The Showplace of the Valley."
    In 1998 the district replaces "The Barn", the old gymnasium of 59 years. The Band Hall received upgrades in 2012 as part of the district's 2010 bond district.
    The Barn
    In 2013 a major restoration project restored the facade which included returning sky lighting to the second story.
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