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    Campus Traditions
    School’s Name:  Harlingen High School South
    Mascot: Hawk 
    Logo: Hawk
    The current Hawk logo made its debut in 1998-1999.
    Motto:  "Hawk Pride: A Step Above"
    Also heard around camp
    us: "The biggest, baddest, classiest bird in town
    and the best high school in the nation!"
    Colors: Green & Orange

    Alma Mater
    (Words written by Coach Judy Smith)

    If we live to be a hundred,

    If today we die,

    If we go away forever,

    We’ll not say goodbye.


    Time someday will wash away

    Like sands into the sea,

    But there beneath the flowing tide

    Lie our memories.


    If we hear the west-wind calling

    Our name with a sigh,

    We’ll be there with hope and promise

    And our spirits high.


    Time will cease, and life will leave,

    But Harlingen South won’t die

    For in our hearts she’ll live forever,

    We’ll not say goodbye.


     Fight Song

    On wings of victory, we

    Fly proudly lifted by the

    Spirit of the mighty Hawk.

    Hear our battle cry,

    South! Fight! Win!


    Led by our ensign boldly,

    We enter battle, so we

    Lift our banner to the sky

    And shout our battle cry,

    South! Fight! Win!