• Campus Traditions Heading  
     KEYS Academy has a variety of traditions that range
    from service learning to a Fashion Show. Most of our traditions empower students to become leaders, to make them feel special, to help them channel their creativity, to become productive members of society, and
    how to overcome obstacles. 
    Fashion Show: A recent tradition is the annual Fashion Show. Students and teachers design and create outfits from recycled material and unconventional items.  Others create high fashion and jaw dropping outfits using traditional fabrics.

    R.O.P.E.S: Reality Oriented Physical Experience Sessions teach students how to make positive changes in their lives. Students participate in a variety of group activities and obstacle courses in order to learn how to master unusual tasks. In the past four years, the Harlingen High School ROTC has helped the KEYS staff monitor the different groups.



    KEYS Academy has a strong tradition of service learningKEYS Academy teachers and staff are passionate about teaching its students to give back to the community, to think of others, and to be generous with their time.  
    Feast of Sharing: Our students have participated in this service learning activity since 1995. The Feast of Sharing is sponsored by the local HEB and Partners. This community event seeks to provide a Thanksgiving meal to those that might otherwise not have one. Students learn the value of giving back to the community and the importance of helping those in need.   
    Hospital Childrens Ward: KEYS Academy students have visited the Valley Baptist Childrens Ward during the Christmas season since 2003. Students donate items such as coloring books, colors, and books and make stockings for the children that will be spending Christmas at the hospital. KEYS Academy students learn the value of generosity, kindness, and gratitude.



    Earth Day: Our planet is very special and gives humanity all the resources it needs. However, humans have placed a heavy burden on our planet. Thus, teaching students how to reduce, reuse, and recycle is very important. During Earth Day, KEYS students participate in a series of activities that teach them how to be more conscious about the environment. 
    Day Care Service Learning Projects: A more recent tradition of KEYS is to help our own. With this in mind students and staff are involved in two projects with our daycare. On Halloween the babies and toddlers from the daycare parade through the hallway and collect a treat at each classroom. During the Christmas season, advisory classes and staff adopt a KEYS Garden Daycare baby/toddler and provide them with a gift. This project is very well received since many teen parents find it economically difficult to give their child a present.