• Introduction to Soft Skills

    Posted by Amy Sharpe on 8/19/2014 3:05:00 PM
    In the collaborative learning environment, students will work on developing soft skills as well as academic skills.  Colleges and employers often state that students come to them lacking in those habits and traits that characterize relationships with others.  Soft skills can include traits such as honesty, work ethic, integrity, innovation, and many others.  In Harlingen CISD, we will be focusing on the four Cs:  communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
    As a teacher, I understand that my students will be entering Cano Freshman Academy with varying levels in the development of their soft skills. While they will not be officially graded in soft skills, I will be looking for improvement throughout the year in the development of the four Cs.  Areas of improvement will be noted in the Learning Tracking Tool, and students will be required to reflect on their learning experience.
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