• Graduation: Let's Make It Happen


    This initiative is to help communities implement solutions to the high school dropout crisis and puts faces on the numbers and increases understanding of the risks and solutions through national and local content, covering all facets of the issue for broadcast, web and mobile platforms. In addition, American Graduate is engaging and empowering teachers, parents and students to help those most at risk of dropping out through community collaborations and classroom resources...



    American School Counselor Association: This professional organization works to support school counselors as they guide students in academic and social development.


    Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE): ACTE is the largest national association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares students for careers.  The association promotes career-focused education through publications, teacher resources, professional development activities, and public policy initiatives.



    High Schools That Work: An education reform model, developed by the Southern Regional Education Board, High Schools That Work (HSTW), emphasizes 10 key practices for improving high school education including opportunities for out-of-classroom education and higher standards for all students. HSTW looks for methods to improve student performance and helps schools apply them in their local settings.



    National Centers for Career and Technical Education: A consortium of five universities noted for research in career and technical education, the National Centers use their website to make available a wealth of information on career-oriented education.



    States’ Career Cluster Initiative: This organization disseminates information on the 16 federally defined career clusters.  It has published brochures as well as knowledge and skills structures (catalogs of knowledge and skills required for different occupations) for each of the 16 clusters of jobs.  Both sets of publications are available online at the organization’s website.


    Texas Education Agency: Keep up with the latest developments in Texas education at the state’s education website.
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