The Office of Accountability/Assessment coordinates the district’s testing program which includes following all state mandated testing policies and procedures, maintaining test security, and reporting test results to the school board and community. Principals and Campus Test Coordinators are trained each year regarding policy changes, security, and updates to testing procedures.  Data files used for coding answer documents are submitted by Accountability/Assessment to the state’s test contractor. This information provides the state with the demographics used in calculating State and Federal Accountability.  Test data results and District/Campus accountability ratings are presented each year to the School Board for their review.  An additional report, Texas Academic Performance Report, which is mandated by the state, is presented at a public hearing for community awareness. Our mission is to meet the district goals outlined in the Strategic Plan and provide guidance in the area of testing and accountability. 
    For more information about the HCISD Accountability/Assessment Department please contact Dalia Garcia at (956) 427-3486 or by email dalia.garcia@hcisd.org.  Additional information can be found at the Accountability/Assessment website.