• 2017-2018 UIL 


    Congratulations to all the U.I.L Students who participated this past Friday and Saturday at our district meet at Gutierrez Middle School.

    Special Recognition goes to the following students:

    8th grade

    Railey Rincones: 1st place in Spelling

    Zoey Zamora: 2nd place in Spelling

    Nancy Aldape: 2nd place in Dictionary Skills and 5th place in Listening Skills

    Bryanna Tulloch: 3rd place in Spelling

    Krista Lopez: 3rd place in Dictionary Skills

    Leigha Kretz: 4th place in Solo Acting and 6th place in Poetry

    Brendan Cisneros: 5th place in Impromptu

    Lauren Vasquez: 5th place in Solo Acting

    Mariana Villeda: 6th place in Mathematics

    7th grade:

    Evelyn Atkinson: 2nd place in Impromptu and 5th place in Duet Acting

    Madalyn Fitting: 4th place in Prose

    Arielle Del Rio: 5th place in Solo Acting

    Christine Juarez: 5th place in Duet Acting

    Anna L. Alaniz: 5th place in Impromptu and 6th in Solo Acting

    Christopher Nelson: 6th place in Spelling

    8th grade:

    Hannah Gonzalez: 1st place in Solo Acting

    Kaylen Sauceda- 1st place in Listening Skills

    Aleena Briones: 1st place in Impromptu

    Natalie Martinez: 2nd place in Solo Acting

    Emma Boyd: 3rd place in Listening Skills

    Trinity Pena: 6th place in Mathematics

    Alina Garcia-6th place in Impromptu