• I have several avenues to communicate with me.

    As always feel free to call our school to set up a parent/teacher conference. That number is: (956) 430-4078.

    I have a school district email address that you can send questions or concerns to: bianca.rodriguez@hcisd.org



    I also have a Gmail address that is strictly for my English classes. No personal emails are sent through this address and no contacts are kept. I usually have students send assignments to this email: hshpenglish8@gmail.com


    I have a Remind (Remind 101) account. Since I do not want public misappropriations with this, I would ask that you email me and ask for the code.



    I also communicate with my students through Edmodo. There is a parent code and instructions on how to access this, but again please contact me for that information as I will not post codes on this webpage.



    Finally, I also use ClassDojo in my class as a way to monitor group activity soft skills in class. Once again, I will be happy to provide you with that code if you email me and ask for that information.