• Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections iPad Apps

    Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections iPad Apps

    Attorney Apps:

    • Fastcase -- FastCase gives you free access to primary law from all 50 states, in addition to federal law. You get it all – cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions! You're not downloading content onto your iPad – so, if you’re concerned about using up those precious GBs, this is a plus. Between having all the legal resources you need and sortable search with best results at the top - all for free - FastCase is a must have!

    Cyber Security Apps:

    • Cybersecurity Video -- Whether we’re trying to protect credit card information or ensure that our nations’s power grids remain operational, it is vital that our computers and the information we transmit over the Internet are safe from attacks. The attacks on our networks have become increasingly sophisticated, making it apparent that a holistic approach that integrates strategic and tactical research along with professional and public education is needed to keep our computing and communications systems secure.

    Forensic Science:

    • MagicPlan CSI -- is the specific version of MagicPlan for Crime Scene Sketching. MagicPlan CSI MEASURES and DRAWS the FLOOR PLAN of a crime scene just by taking pictures.  You can also position items of interest and annotate your floor plan. An electronic report is then automatically generated and sent to you by email.
    • MEA Forensic -- Know what information to gather and what questions to ask. On-scene or in a deposition, getting the right information is crucial to winning your case.
    • Clinical & Forensics -- Clinical and forensic testing is becoming more complex everyday as advances in science and technology help create better test to make us healthier. The Clinical Test app is designed to help its users stay at the forefront of what Sigma-Aldrich is creating and developing in the area of clinical testing. The app provides information and references to keep the user up to date on new developments in the field.
    • CSI: Hidden Crimes -- This app is a Hidden Object Game where you’ll find the atmosphere of the world famous TV show at the tip of your fingers. Team up with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crew to fight crime in Las Vegas!

    Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections Apps:

    • Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections Career Options -- is a list of podcasts for every career in this career cluster area.
    • Law Enforcement Technology -- provides senior law enforcement personnel with fundamental information regarding management techniques, operations and technical knowledge surrounding the world of law enforcement.
    • iCrime Fighter -- is an investigative/evidence gathering application!  Use your iOS device to collect all the information you need at the  crime scene or event.  With iCrime Fighter you can capture photographs, record videos, record interviews, and write field notes. You can save cases by case number or ICR. Easily locate crime trends with the GPS mapping feature. Capture video evidence and taped statements with convenient built recorder with a Miranda warning tab. iCrime Fighter is also invaluable for investigators, EMS,first responders, and insurance adjustors. This app is very handy in the event you are in a traffic crash and need to document the scene for your insurance claim.
    • Miranda -- This app has the Miranda Rights and DWI rights that you would read to a suspect or arrestee.  The DWI rights are specifically for New York but may be used in other states as well.
    • Signals -- Provides a quick and simple reference to various communications signals, such 10/11 codes, Morse code, phonetic alphabet, police codes, Q-signals and more.
    • PoliceOne --  is the best way for Police Officers and other Law Enforcement professionals to keep informed while on-duty or just on the move. Stay up to date on breaking police news, expert columnist articles, tactical tips and other relevant information. Whether you need to research something from your squad car or just want to browse the latest news, this app gives officers FREE access to mobile resources that have never been available to them before. 
    • MyFI (Field Interviewing for Law Enforcement) -- Field interviewing for law enforcement taken to a whole new level.
    • My Police Department -- Placing your Police Department services at your fingertips! The MyPD police app is built to connect citizens and students to their local police and allow the community to become more involved right from your smartphone.
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