Laptop/tablet Inventory Scanning

    The following suggestions should be considered when preparing the campus for Laptop/iPad scanning by Fixed Assets/Central Receiving. To ensure all assets are accounted at the campus, Fixed Assets will follow up with a request for items that were not scanned. All communication will begin with the principal and flow through the designated campus personnel.

    • Remind individuals who are assigned laptops/tablets to wear their ID badges on the day of scanning. If their badge does not clearly show the employee id, we will ask the employee for their id number.
    • Ensure all tablets are charged the day before to access serial numbers when barcodes are not available.
    • Unlock all computer carts and place in the scanning area.
    • Remove laptops from their carrying cases.


    Fixed Assets will provide a report of missing items to the campus after the scanning is complete. Given the size of the project, laptops not scanned during the designated day will need to be taken to the Central Receiving for scanning after the fact.

    We understand that extenuating circumstances do occur and we will work through those with each campus appropriately.