• Harlingen CISD Intake Center
    310 N. 13th, Harlingen, Texas
    Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Registration for all students entering Harlingen CISD after September 1 are processed at the Intake Center.  These include all new to district, transfers, re-entries, late registrations and migrants.  The following documents are necessary and must be provided at the time of registration:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security (if applicable)
    • Immunization Record
    • Proof of Residency - current utility bill (light, water, or gas) or a lease.  A residency affidavit must be done if you do not have a bill under your name. 
    The Intake Center processes District Personnel student transfers, as well as Experience HCISD Renewals and Homeschool paperwork.  The Intake Center operates under the supervision of Dr. Jose Luis Cavazos.  The Intake Center works closely with families and their students to make transitioning into our district and community a smooth process.
    Intake Center Staff
    Mrs. Sandy Rhodes, Intake Center Clerk
    Sandra Rhodes
    Mrs. Anna Cruz, Residency Verification Officer
    Anna Cruz