• Simple way to make fake blood (You can eat it, too):


    -Pour a small bottle of red food coloring into a bottle of corn syrup and mix well.


    How to create cuts/wounds:


    *Ingredients/Tools Needed: Knox Gelatin, Glycerin, Paper towls, mixing bowl, 3 table spoons, water, and paint brushes


    -Mix 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of knox gelatin and 2 tablespoons of glycerin in the bowl.

    -Place in microwave and heat for 20 seconds

    -Apply the mixture on your body and use the paint brush to smooth and shape the mixture to create a wound. (You can then use foundation and powder on the created wound so that it matches your skin tone. You can also use a bit of purple and/or brown makeup or eyeshadow to add details and color to the wound. Conclude by adding some fake blood to the wound.)


    *Please be careful not to burn yourself. Also, the glycerin creates a strong odor. Reheat the mixture for 10 seconds if needed.


    The best makeup for stage peformances and/or Halloween:


    The best makeup to use is Ben Nye. You can look them up on their website or look them up on Ebay. 




    *Grease makeup is recommend for Hispanics and African Americans 

    *Pancake makeup is recommend for Asians and Anglos  (Pancake makeup requires water to activite)

    *Ben Nye has many products that can be used such as: fake blood, liquid silver to create gray hair, clown white for clown makeup, body paint, and all sorts of brushes, sponges and pencils.