"Once Upon a Lie

    A One-Act Comedy


     Written & Directed by Jason Lee Isquierdo




    Monica Ibarra as The Narrator (Mother Goose)


    Play 1:  Little Red Riding Wolf


    Marcus Vigil as Little Red Riding Wolf

    Miliannie Ortiz as Little Red Riding From the Hood

    Daniela Zetina as Grandma Wolfie


    Play 2:  Jack and the Cornstalk


    Ryan Velasquez as Jack 

    Mrs. Clarissa Achtsam as Jack’s Mother *(Director's Choice Award Winner)

    Mr. Mario Castillo as The Green Giant *(Best Staff Peformance Award Winner & Best Staff Costume Award Winner)

    Mrs. B.J. Cooley/Mrs. Elvira Sanchez as The Giant’s Wife

    Loren Cordero as Elsie The Cow


    Play 3:  Baby Bear and the Three Locks


    Klarissa Perez as Baby Bear

    Aaron Blount as Goldie Locks *(Best Student Costume Award Winner)

    Lauren Ponce as Red Locks *(Best Student Performance Award Winner)

    Miss Stephanie Galvan as Maria Guadalupe Consuelo De Federico De La Paz Locks


    Play 4:  Rumplestina


    Sammy Ruiz as The Miller’s Son

    Miguel Gutierrez as The King *(Director's Choice Award Winner)

    Alexa Strubhart as Princess Evelyn

    Mr. Jason Lee Isquierdo as Rumplestina



    Andrea Cantu (Sound Operator) *(Friend of the Theatre Award Winner)