• card  HHS Information Literacy Center Rules & Guidelines cards

    Patrons must conform to the following rules and policies to use the Information Literacy Center and its resources:

    Rules of Conduct:
    • Maintain a low noise level
    • Respect others’ need to study
    • Obey school rules and policies
    • Provide school ID when using Information Literacy Center resources
    • Take ID photographs before and after school or during their lunch only
    • Pay a $3.00 replacement fee
    Computer Usage Policy:
    • Adhere to the HCISD internet policies
    • Print only ten pages per class period
    • Provide their own storage device for their work

    Nook Usage Policy:

    • Adhere to the HCISD internet policies
    • Use the Nook Color and Nook Tablet safely and responsibly
    • Return the device by the end of the one week loan period
    • Understand that you will be financially responsible for any damage, intentional or accidental, to the device
    • Click here to download and print the Nook Accepable Usage Permission Slip 

    Circulation of Regular Items:

    • Present ID when borrowing resources
    • Borrow only seven items at any given time
    • Pay late fees if items are not turned in by the due date
    Circulation of Reference Books or Periodicals:
    • Borrow reference books or periodicals after school only
    • Return reference books or periodicals the following morning
    • Pay late fees if deadline is not met
    Late Fee:
    • Pay $1.00 fee per book that is late
    Electronic Media Use:
    • Review the Administrative Guidelines for Media Use
    • Complete the required form to show videos and films in the classroom
    • Gain consent from the supervising principal
    • Gain parent permission for videos and films that wish to be shown in class that do not fall in the category of PG13 or below such as PG or G.