407 N. 77 Sunshine Strip Harlingen, TX 78550

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

2016 - 2017 Administrators' Kick Off Agenda
 The Dream Starts Here 
Wednesday, August 3
 8:30 AM
Rooms 502 & 503 
         Agenda Items
   I.  Superintendent's Welcome
  II.  Board of Trustees Welcome
 III.  Introduction of New Administrators
 IV.  2016 Superintendent's Message

 V.  Updates from Senior Team                                                                           

    a.  Matters relating to Accountability & Assessment 

         i.   Update on state assessment results

        ii.  Realizing Our Dream

    b.  Matters relating to Curriculum & Instruction

          i.  District of Innovation

         ii.  Teaching & Learning Framework

        iii.  Rollout of curriculum resources

        iv.  Community eligibility K – 12

         v.  Proposed guidelines for student driving

        vi.  Charter bus guidelines

    c.  Matters relating to Organizational Development 

         i.  Back to school preparations 

         ii.  Month at a Glance

        iii.  HCISD Extravaganza Overview

    d.  Matters relating to Public Relations/Community Engagement

        i.  Marquee message for back to school

       ii.  Changes to the district website 

    e.  Matters relating to Business Services

       i.  2016 – 2017 Budget

       ii.  Cost of Living increase

      iii.  Teacher Perfect Attendance incentive

    f.  Matters relating to District Operations

       i.  TRE update

      ii.  Planning for curb appeal

     iii.  Communication on school zone lights

     iv.  Support for beginning of the year school safety and traffic control

      v.  Crisis management planning / flip chart

     vi.  School security audit


    g.  Matters relating to Human Services

      i.  Sexual harassment prevention & ethics training

     ii.  Changes regarding highly qualified requirements

    iii.  Staffing procedures

     iv.  Administrative guidelines

  VI.  Principals’ Meeting

    a.  Plan for instructional support

    b.  Campus staff development plans

    c.  UTRGV partnerships

    d.  Student attendance incentive

    e.  Marketing plan for campuses

    f.  Misc.