• Graphic Design Services

    Brooklyn working on poster request. South’s CTE Graphic Arts program can occasionally provide design services for our school community. Our ability to fulfill requests will depend on resources and staff availability. Please note that printouts will only be provided for proofing purposes and supplies are prioritized for our CTE program needs.

    • All requests must be submitted to the CTE Department Chair, Mr. Almanza (Rm. 307), for review and approval.
    • The request form must be received at least two weeks before the date needed.
    • Although we do not charge for services rendered, donations to our Graphic Arts Club (GAC) are appreciated. These funds are used for field experiences and other purposes which benefit our students.

    Services Available:

    • Original designs for web and print materials
    • Edits to existing files, including PDFs
    • Scanning
    • Photography
    • Web posting (limited access-see Web Services below)
    • For lamination, please visit South's ILC

    DOWNLOAD Graphic Design Services Request Form

    Need Printed Materials? 

    HCISD’s Print Services department provides a variety of services for all District campuses, including printing (posters, booklets, etc.), folding, book binding and more. Please contact Print Services directly and make sure to submit requests at least two weeks in advance of the delivery date.

    View HCISD's print request requirements and process.

    Web Services

    Harlingen CISD's web system allows all departments and schools to manage and input their own content. The Web Services area of HCISD's Communications Department is responsible for the overall management of the district's website and provides content support for departments and campuses.

    View HCISD's web resources page for more information and how-to instructions.

    Create your own Designs!

    You can create your own design using a program like Microsoft Publisher, Word, or with a free online tool like www.Canva.com. These types of easy-to-use tools only require a browser; no prior tech or design experience necessary! 

    See a list of other design tools for non-designers here.