Grading guidelines are developed as directed by Board policy EIA (LEGAL) and EIA (LOCAL). Assignment, tests, projects, classroom activities, and other instructional activities shall be designed so that the student’s performance indicates the level of mastery of the designated District objectives. The student’s mastery level shall be a major factor in determining the grade for a subject or course.



    For all secondary grade levels, the average of the unit tests, and projects/performances will be 25% of the quarter grade. All other assignments such as daily work, quizzes, homework, oral and written reports, class participation, and District Curriculum Assessments (DCA) will count as 75% of the quarter grade. Note that a DCA will count as one daily grade worth no more than 100 points in a traditional gradebook. With the approval of the principal, the two grading categories may be broken down further. The final grade will be the average of the two semester grades.


    The one exception to these guidelines will be courses that count for high school credit. In these courses, the quarter grades will be determined as above. However, the semester grade will be the average of the two quarter grades which will count as 85% of the grade and the semester exam will count as 15% of the semester grade. The final grade will be the average of the two semester grades.




    Middle school teachers shall record a minimum of 16 grades per quarter.




    Students shall be allowed to retake a test one time, if the following requirements are met:

    ·         More than 25% of the class failed the test; all students in the class will be given the opportunity to retest one time, if this condition is met.

    ·         The following grades are excluded from the retake provision, regardless of how many students failed the assignment or test:

    o   Semester exams;

    o   Quarter/Mid-term exams.

    Retest dates and times shall be determined by the teacher.




    Since grades must reflect a student’s relative mastery of an assignment, a teacher may not give a maximum grade of a 70, for example, on a retest. Neither may a teacher record a grade of 50, if the student’s cumulative performance is less than a 50.

    ·         A teacher has the discretion to offer a single retest of a major exam without regard to the success rate on the test (semester exam and quarter exams excluded).

    ·         Gradebooks shall reflect the retest score as well as the original score.




    A uniform honor roll system shall be established for all schools with a student being eligible if he or she maintains an overall average of 90 for all subjects and a passing grade in each subject. An asterisk will be placed by the student’s name that has a 90 average in each subject with a notation on the honor roll list reflecting this information.