• "Campfire Stories

    A One-Act Comedy

     Written & Directed by Jason Lee Isquierdo  


    Monica Ibarra as The Narrator (Scout Master)

    Jennah Gonzalez (Camper)

    Madalyn Garcia (Camper)


    Play 1:  Bloody Mary

    Sadie Cash as Becky

    Meghan Howell as Chris

    Hannah Cisneros as Sarah

    Miguel Gutierrez as Bloody Gary

    Dani Zetina as Bloody Mary  *(Best Student Costume Award Winner)


    Play 2:  El Cucuy (The Boogeyman)

    Haley Sanchez as Mother

    Sydni Todd as Sophie

    Kylie Mitchell as Nicky

    Mario Castillo as El Cucuy *(Best Staff Costume Award Winner)

    Madison Ibarra as El Cucuy’s Wife *(Best Student Performance Award Winner)


    Play 3:  La Llorona (The Wailing Woman)

    Clarissa Achtsam as Maria (La Llorona) *(Friend of the Theatre Award Winner)

    Roberto Ochoa as Jose Luis *(Best Staff Performance Award Winner & Director's Choice Award Winner)

    Devin Claudio as Niño

    Davina Cortez as Niña

    Klarissa Perez as La Comadre Cuca


    Play 4:  El Chupacabra (The Goat Sucker)

    Makayla Amitrani as Bessie

    Joshua Escobedo as Rufus *(Director's Choice Award Winner)

    Jason Lee Isquierdo as Billy Goat

    Anjanette Aguado as El Chupacabra


    Andrea Cantu (Sound Operator) *(Friend of the Theatre Award Winner)

    Zoila Villarreal *(Friend of the Theatre Award Winner)