• Dress Code
      Gym Dress Code
    1. Shirts / Skirts / Skorts : The length must not be more than 2-3 inches above the knee. Elastic, tight stretch, or spandex are not allowed for all grade levels. Girls must wear shorts under the dresses during P.E. activities.
    2. Shirts / Blouses : No strapless, halter tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs are allowed. All blouses must be long enough not to show midriff when arms are raised. No muscle shirts are allowed. Jackets and/or sweaters are Not to be Worn outside of the classroom during warm weather.
    3. Pants : Pants will be warn at the waist. Boys whose pants fall below the waist due to a big size will be issued a pair of suspenders to hold the pants at the waist. No hip-hugger style are allowed. Undergarments must not be exposed. Spandex, elastic, or tight stretch pants are not allowed.
    4. Jewelry/Etc : Scarves may not be worn outside. Long or dangling earrings are a safety hazard and are not allowed.
    5. Shoes : Flip flops, Crocs, slides / clogs, high heels, and wedged high heels are not allowed. No "Heely" type shoes that have wheels attached are permitted.
    6. Make-up : No artificial nails