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  • 1st Grade Discipline Plan

    2017-2018 School Year


    Dear Parents,

    We are so excited for the beginning of another great year here at Sam Houston. We are looking forward to getting to know your child and developing a great relationship with him/her. In an effort to have a conducive and positive learning environment, the following will be utilized as a classroom management plan. The following are the classroom expectations:

    • Follow directions promptly
    • Raise hand to speak
    • Use kind words and actions
    • Show proper respect and courtesy
    • Keep hands feet, and objects to yourself

    Our behavior plan will function through a color system. Students will begin the day on blue and if after three opportunities to correct the behavior they are not successful a color change will occur.  A behavior chart will be sent home on a daily basis with the student’s behavior color for the day, please initial chart daily.



    Students will receive positive reinforcement for exceptional good behavior.


    Blue = Ready to Learn                                                           

    Green = Verbal warning                                                        

    Yellow = Lose recess                                      

    Red = Parent Contact/Classroom referral                                                                

    *Serious Infraction = Office Referral

     Homework Policy:

    In order to best help our students’ achievement daily homework will be a requirement. Failure to do so will result in the following:

    • Completion of homework during recess.
    • Change in conduct color.


    Thank you,

    First Grade Teachers


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