MS & HS Lifeskills SEAL Program

    2017 - 2018
       The '14-'15 school year marked the beginning of our SEAL aquatics component of our Physical Education program.  The SEAL (Safely Educating Aquatic Learners) Program is offered to 2nd grade students , 6th - 12th grade Lifeskills students only and will be held at our new Aquatics Facility Located at 315 N. 77 Sunshine Strip.         
    The classes will be taught by certified aquatic professionals and will be monitored by American Red Cross First Aid Certified Lifeguards to ensure the highest level of safety for our children.  Statistics show that participation in organized swim lessons reduces the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%. HCISD is committed to providing correct water safety education, following skill upon skill development, in a loving, fun and positively reinforced environment.  Your child's school will be assigned an 8 day schedule of classes during the school year.  Please click on any of our links to locate the lesson plan of daily activities and to find your school's schedule.  Your child will be sent home with a letter outlining the specific times their class will be at the aquatic center.  We welcome you to join us as we engage your child in aquatic instruction that will enhance their health, wellness and safety for a lifetime.



    Lifeskills Program 

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    SEAL Calendar

    Introduction Letter To Parents
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    Permission Slips
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    SEAL Program Lesson Plans
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    Lifeskills SEAL Program
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    Lifeskills Medical Release Form

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

    Sandra Flinn-Aquatics Coordinator: Sandra.Flinn@hcisd.org

    Yvonne Moran-Aquatic Facility Specialist: Yvonne.Moran@hcisd.org 


    Revised On: January 24, 2018