• Basic Information  ENTRANCE, EXIT, AND PARKING Campus Parking lot, Walmart parking lot, and Kohl’s Parking lot are available for parking. Please be aware that parking in the neighborhood could lead to a ticket if not parked correctly or the owner of the home complains. Doors that are facing the stadium area and west parking lot are for Emergency exits only. Entry into the building will be through the main doors and on the East side parking lot area. 

    2.  No traffic in hallways unless students are going to match, cafeteria for snacks, or restroom.  NO UNATTENDED ROOMS.

    3.  RESTROOMS:

    • Student restrooms are labeled in each hallway and are for STUDENT use ONLY.
    • Adult restrooms are labeled and are for adult use.  


    • Classrooms must be monitored always.
    • Computers are off limits in classrooms
    • Please do not move or touch any classroom items.
    • Please place all trash in trash cans.
    • Please leave classroom the same way you found it. 

    5.  AWARDS

    • Will take place in the Cafeteria once verification are finished.
    • Trophies can NOT be picked up early.


    • Standings will be posted on the window in the main hallway


    • Will be for coaches and volunteers only. There will be snacks, water, juice and coffee until it runs out. Passes labeled for coaches and volunteers will be needed.  


    • Should only be picked up by those coaching the team or have been designated to pick them up. NO students or players should be picking up pairings.