• Philosophy

    Education is continuous growth. Vernon Middle School is concerned with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social growth of the individual. The education provided by this school should be within the limit of the understanding of each pupil. It is essential that educational experience be meaningful to the individual student at the time that it is presented, should challenge the individual, but not exceed the child's rate of development.

    Each student enters and leaves as an "individual". Education can only occur by reaching each child at his/her level of need. Experiences must be provided which will develop an appreciation of the rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities of the individual in a democracy.

    Each child should feel that he/she belongs to a group and is participating in and contributing to that group. Good teaching provides activities and experiences through which the child may better understand his/her own problems and approach solutions so that he/she may think independently, experience self-discipline, and develop self-reliance.