My Reading Coach
    Correlations to the The Dyslexia Handbook
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    • MRC includes a one-on-one learning environment for students.   The program inlcudes:  phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, text comprehension, grammar and spelling instruction and remediation.  Off-the-computer oral reading and writing lessons are provided for teachers to assist students.
    • MRC provides specific instruction on correct tongue placement to produce each sound.  It also provides specific instruction for blending sounds together.
    • Phonemes and graphemes are taught in MRC.  The Coach instructs the student on sounds and how they combine to form words and conversely how words are made up of sounds.  Practice exercises help students master both phonemes and graphemes as they read, write and spell with accuracy.  Specific remediation is given based on a table of 10,000-recorded situations that reinforce the lessons.
    • MRC on-the-computer lessons provide instruction and practice activities for:  prefixes, suffixes, roots and 24 grammar lessons including the eight parts of speech, punctuation and subject/ verb agreement.
    • The grammar lessons and practice activities embedded in MRC teach students to read with fluency and to write complete sentences.
    • Due to the one-on-one instruction and remediation of MRC, along with the systematic presentation of curriculum, students become independent readers.
    • Jim Larrabee, a 25-year veteran speech pathologist and special education teacher, directly instructs each students to decode (read) and encode (spell) the sounds, or phonemes, in words.
    • The program presents a developmentally-based progression of sounds based on ease of production and ease of blending sounds together.  Students are engaged because the instruction is individualized and the feedback is specific to their individual errors- thus, there is no mislearning.
    • MRC isolates gaps in the student's reading skills and the on-line coach works directly with the student, in a one-on-one environment.  Off-the-computer lessons are available to help teachers work with students individually or in small groups, and professional development is available to teachers.
    • MRC includes 24 grammar lessons and 200 text passages to teach reading comprhension.  These include high-interest stories.  There are several levels of support available to ensure student comprehension and success. 
    • MRC allows students to control the pace of presentation.  In addition, activities include:  audio, visual, and tactile practice