• Processing Student Records for Southwest Keys / Tamayo



    1.Upon student entry/exit, SWK/TH General Ed Teachers will contact SPED to enroll student.

    Itza Munoz

    1.1   General Ed Teachers will send/fax/email all student info available: at minimum (First & Last name, Birthday, SS#)

    General Ed Teachers

    1.2   SPED will enroll student

    Itza Munoz

    1.3   Any academic or relevant papers will be scanned and forwarded to SAC for evaluation.

    SAC Secretary & Counselor

    1.3.1        If no transcript is available/ Counselor will request

    Kathy Martin

    1.3.2        If no SPED docs available/ SPED teacher will contact SPED for request and follow up

    Bert McDonald

    1.4   Counselors will forward completed schedules to SPED

    Itza Munoz

    2. Missing Student Documentation request from SPED clerk

    Itza Munoz

    2.1. Any missing documentation will be followed up by SPED appraisal clerk. (TREx)

    Sylvia Hernandez

    3. SPED will create a cumulative folder for all students.

    3.1. Contents of folder will include basic items for each student including withdraw and entry screens.

    3.2. PEIMs documentation

    3.3. Special Ed students will be created and updated by clerks

    Sylvia Hernandez

    4. PEIMs data will be entered into the system

    Itza Munoz

    4.1. update PEIMs information as it occurs
    (PEIMs Must be Faxed Upon Completion)

    4.2. ensure there is a date of entry

    4.3. verify the date of withdraw with exit or leaver code

    5. Files will be stored in File Room

    Sylvia Hernandez

    5.1. All folders will be updated on a regular basis to include

    5.1.1. Verification of student enrollment

    5.1.2. Attendance Overrides

    5.2. Upon Withdraw, Folder will be moved into inactive status

    5.3. Upon request, Folder will be copied and sent to requesting agency

    6.Student Attendance

    General Ed Teachers

    6.1.Completed by 10am DAILY

    General Ed Teachers

    6.2.Office overrides completed by SAC

    Adela Feekes

    6.3.Withdraws General Ed Teacher must notify SPED immediately

    Itza Munoz