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    We use the API course in this classroom, which is the district's approved cirriculum.
    In this mathematics classroom, failure is not an option.  All assignments must have a grade of 80 or higher.  Period.  The way that we will achieve this is within the structure of the API modules.  Every worksheet has 2 at least 2 versions apiece.  The student will attempt the first version, and it will be graded right away.  If they make an 80 or better, wonderful.  If not, we go over the problems that the student had issues with and I reteach if neccessary.  Then the second worksheet is attempted.  If the grade is still under an 80, then additional supplamental materials are given.  Each lesson also has an integrated review before the test.  The same rule applies; the revew must be passed before test can be attempted to provide ample opportunity to do well on said test.  And, if the test's grade is not 80 or better, we review and there are multiple test versions.  I want to ensure that effort results in success. 
    The reason this is neccessary is that math builds upon itself; if you forget todays lesson you are lost the next day (or a week from today) where we build on what was learned today.  My job is to identify what the student does not remember and either remind them how it works or re-teach if the student never understood it to begin with. 

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