Mrs. Masker

    Mrs. Ravin Masker

    E-mail:  ravin.masker@hcisd.org

    Phone: (956) 427-3210 Ext.21

    Ravin Masker -  I am an Inclusion / Resource teacher at the Secondary Alternative Center.  I have a passion for helping students reach their true potential.  I currently teach Mathematics and Science curriculum for the special education population. I believe that every student has an untapped wealth of knowledge.


    Mr. Rodriguez

    Mr. Rodney Rodriguez

    E-mail: rodney.rodriguez@hcisd.org

    Phone: (956) 427-3210 Ext.16

    Rodney Rodriguez-  I'm Rodney Rodriguez. I am one of two Special Education Teachers. With hard work and determination, I believe we can succed in teaching our students. I will be instructing our students in the areas of Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies.