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    These are a few of the activities that the students will be participating during the school year:
    Aerobic activities, basketball, badminton, bowling, CATCH based games and skills, dodgeball, frisbee, horseshoes, juggling, kickball, limbo, music activities, parachuttes, relay races, scotter races, soccer, tennis, tetherball, volleyball, and Physical Fitness Testing. 

    CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach To Child Health.  The CATCH program works together with teachers, cafeteria staff, children and parents to teach both skills and behavior associated with maintaining healthy lifestyles.  CATCH is a unique proven school health program that promotes healthy habits such as eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low fat dairy products, more whole grain foods, and foods lower in fat and salt, along with doing regular physical activity and not smoking.  You can visit CATCH at www.catchtexas.org to find out more about the program.