• Campus Highlights

    ·      Lamar is a dual language academy school. It started last year in PK and Kinder. This year it has moved up to 1st grade. Each year we will add another grade level. We now have more than 150 students in the program. The goal of the program is to produce bi-literate students who are capable of reading, writing and speaking in two languages.

    ·      Lamar is a friendly community school. Many of our teachers were students at Lamar. Many of our teachers have been teaching more than 20 years at Lamar and are now teaching 3rd generation students.

    ·      Lamar offers a variety of extracurricular activities that focuses on the development of the whole child. We have choir, cheerleading, pep squad, chess club, student council, and ERC (Eagle Recycle Club).

    ·      Lamar offers a variety of after school activities. The Boys & Girls Club is located on the campus and has a variety of sports and activities. The HELP program is available for working parents. And the Homework Club is available for students who need a little extra help.  

    It is the purpose and mission of Lamar Elementary School to provide all of its students with the educational program which will allow them to develop to their full potential intellectually, physically, and socially in order to be responsible citizens and contributing members of society.
    Our children are healthy, enthusiastic, lifelong learners with supportive communities leading them to be productive citizens.  They are highly motivated in all aspects of technology and future opportunities in the community and beyond.

    Alma Atkinson -Principal 
     Michelle Ayala -Assistant Principal