Career and Technical Education is introduced to the students of the Harlingen CISD elementary schools.  The subject is expanded and offered as classes at the Middle Schools and develops even more so at the High Schools all with the desire of preparing our students to be College and Work-Force ready upon their graduation.
    Provided are links to the Career and Technical Education Departments at each of the high schools as well as directories for each of the Middle Schools:
    Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshmen Academy         www.hcisd.org/domain/2140     
    Harlingen High School                                     www.hcisd.org/Page/15650
    Harlingen High School South                            www.hcisd.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=2461
    Harlingen School of Health Professions              www.hcisd.org/healthschool
    KEYS Academy                                                www.hcisd.org/keys
    Secondary Alternative Center                           www.hcisd.org/sac
    Coakley Middle School                                     www.hcisd.org/coakley
    Gutierrez Middle School                                   www.hcisd.org/gutierrez
    Memorial Middle School                                   www.hcisd.org/memorial
    Vela Middle School                                          www.hcisd.org/vela
    Vernon Middle School                                      www.hcisd.org/vernon