• Campus Highlights

     We have a dedicated staff that puts students first.

    ·     Our teachers strive to discover new and innovative ways to teach all students.

    ·     Our Bonham Learning community is very supportive. We have a strong parental involvement program.

    ·     We value and teach respect for self, others, and property- The Key Word at Bonham is RESPECT!

    ·     We provide opportunities for our students to develop their different talents.

    Bonham is an elementary school located in Harlingen, Texas. The tremendous support we get from i parent's involvement and the wonderful faculty and staff Bonham make for a truly unique place for students to learn and grow.
    School History
    Compiled by Barbara Johnston

    The original Bonham Elementary, named Colonial Acres, was located at the Harlingen Air Base and started its first classes in September of 1948. The first principal was Mrs. Lucile Hornaday. Mrs. Lee Means, President of Harlingen School Board, served as a teacher at the school under Mr. Don Schmidt when Colonial Acres moved to its new location on 25th and Jefferson Street in November 1953. Then the school consisted of only two buildings. Mr. Sidney McKeand was the principal in the late 50's, followed by Mr. Clyde Vochatzer and Mr. Bob Tilley in the 60's. The 70's saw two principals, Mr. Dean Brotzman and Mrs. Verna Young. In 1984 Dr. Chris Garcia, Assistant Superintendent, became the principal followed by Cathy Silstorf, who joined this legacy of outstanding principals in 1996. At the present time Herminia Ramirez joined Bonham in 2006, as our current principal. In November 1953, sixth grade students wrote and read report over the school's P.A. System on Texas heroes. This was done as a means of Colonial Acres students' popular vote on the name for their new school building. That day students selected Texas hero, James B. Bonham, as the namesake through the report given by Pat Buford Mems. James Butler Bonham, namesake for the school, was a young cavalry lieutenant and a school boy friend of William Travis. He was attracted to Texas and its fight for Independence by Travis. Bonham is most remembered for his heroic flight on horseback from the Alamo in search of reinforcements for the small band of Texans, which was surrounded by the Mexican Army led by Santa Ana. After realizing that no help was available Bonham rode back through enemy lines in broad daylight in order to help his friends and fellow Texans in a fight which was sure to be in vain but has since lived through history as the focal point for Texas patriotism. Today the campus has grown from the original two building to a sprawling campus with a current student enrollment of almost 915 students.

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