**Attention Parents! If you are interested in enrolling your child at Early College High School, please CLICK HERE!
    Federal Aid Webinar Flyer links you to a flyer for several 1 hour webinars walking parents and students through FAFSA, college readiness and other topics.  Limited time to sign up for next week!
    The Monthly Scholarship Bulletin is now just the printable Scholarship Page.  The Scholarship Page is updated as often as daily so in order for parents and students to be able to access the most up-to-date information, you are welcome to print the pages from that tab.
    You can also click on the links to take you right to the websites if you prefer.  
    The ECHS Calendar is updated multiple times a week to add important dates, presentations, visiting colleges, etc.  Calendar pages can be printed and often there are flyers for events that can be accessed as well. 
    SAT and ACT dates are listed on the ECHS Calendar.   
    FAFSA can now be applied for as early as October 1, 2017 using 2016 Income Tax information.  Workshops in October and November have been set to allow you to come in and have help in applying.  See the ECHS Calendar for details.  Flyers available.
    Parents, many colleges use the FAFSA information for scholarships, so it's not just for Financial Aid. 
    If you are applying for FAFSA - it is FREE!!!!  If you are being asked to pay for Federal College Assistance, you are on the wrong site!!!  FAFSA is FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.  Do NOT pay for this!! 
    Click on any of the following links for access to more information: 
    Financial Aid Hotline:  1-888-311-8881