• Cheerleader's Creed

    Cheerleader's Creed

    Being on a cheer team is a lot more than just showing up to practices, games and competitions. It means being a trusted member of a team, with responsibilities to your squad members and coaches.I WILL ALWAYS:*show up on time and be ready to cheer*listen carefully to what my coach is saying*be an entusiastic member of the team*pack my back with everything I need for practice, the game or a competition*turn the ringer on my cell phone off so that my focus is on the practice or game*be a steady friend to everyone on my team*stay in shape in order to perform safely and correctly*project a positive image of my team, whether in uniform or street clothes*be a positive example to all other studentsI WILL NEVER:*try a stunt or new skill without my coach or trained intructor *teach a stunt or a tumbling skill to another member of the team*push anyone to try something they are not comfortable doing*belittle the efforts of anyone on my team*speaking negatively about another squad member or coach*be a negative influence on my teammates*be petty or turn back on a teammate*participate in hazing or mean spirited intitiation activities*harm the reputation my team has worked hard for*for that it's a privilege to cheer my school squad*contribute to negative cheerleading stereotypes

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